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About Us – Artovi in Newspaper Delivery

So you want to know about us? Artovi as a company became involved in newspapers in January 2011 when we acquired R L Beards Newsagent and rebranded the business under the Artovi News banner. From 2011 onwards we expanded our delivery service gradually across Essex. In early 2014 we implemented a delivery service off the back of G and S News closing at Gosfield and then later in 2014 Artovi News brought out J & S Day News, acquiring a large customer base to add to our existing clients and spreading our reach further across the region. Artovi News benefits from now having owners with a combined 40 years experience in the newspaper trade. We believe that we provide the best newspaper delivery service around and our best qualities  allow existing and future customers the best of both worlds. We provide you with the traditional newspaper experience whilst being part of Artovi allows the continued roll out of new products and services which include many up to date technologies. Artovi’s constant development of new services and features ensures a retail area that is losing ground to technological advances still allows you to read  your morning newspaper over breakfast in the traditional way the news was meant to be read.